A Grand Day Out

A Grand Day Out

It is always so good to go back to Bristol where I spent my uni years and see how the city is flourishing artistically. Although this makes me miss it, it is really exciting and encouraging to see so many talented people showcasing their work. One of the new places for me was the ‘7th Sea’ boutique on Gloucester Road.

The window calls ‘Hello! We sell lovely things…’ and it’s true.

Emma the owner has been in residence there for about a year, and has filled the shop with all sorts of wonderful handmade and individual items. From witty, unusual cards (who needs Clintons anyway?), to laser cut jewellery, individual clothing, sweet little sock characters & a lovely array of phone cases.

If anyone needs convincing to support local artists, designers and makers, it is places like THIS that we should be buying our Christmas presents…why choose something mass produced when you can give someone a beautiful handmade gift? When you spend your money in this way, you are not solely buying the maker’s product – you are buying them time to keep doing the thing they love. Let’s all support our local creatives this festive season.

Image courtesy of 7th Sea

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