Are you coming to the Contemporary Craft Festival?

I am very proud to be exhibiting at this great craft festival for the second year running on the 9-11th June. I have been busy making some exciting new work to showcase at the event! Here is a sneaky peek at what I’ve been up to so far… if...
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A long overdue escape to sunnier climes was needed after a busy summer working. Marrakech had been on The List for a little while and idea of diving head first into its bustling streets was all the ‘convincing’ I needed. I was completely taken....
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Square Peg, Round Hole

There has been an increasingly prominent discussion in the media recently about the importance of ‘traditional core subjects’ and their significance in finding a ‘successful’ career path. This topic runs deep, and I am angered...
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Made By Hand 2015

A year has flown by since I exhibited at City Hall last year. After months of frenzied making & developing some new products, set-up day arrived! As usual everything took lots longer than anticipated and I spent the whole day getting the stand ready....
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Cardiff Museum Herbarium Catalogue

I recently discovered that Cardiff Museum has a huge Herbarium catalogue and an extensive archive of botanical drawings, wax botanical models and various specimen collections residing in its backstage corridors. The collection is maintained by a small...
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Perfect Strangers Project

The premise was very simple. Sign Up. Write a short note about yourself to your prospective Perfect Stranger. Get paired with a fellow Oh Comely Magazine lover, someone from near or far. Swap details. Swap parcels. Spread the love. TO be honest, this...
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Hay, Bath

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RHS Cardiff 2015

The RHS Flower Show in Cardiff has become a yearly outing for our family. It appears in the centre of Bute Park and attracts more and more green-fingered visitors every year – a perfect opportunity to celebrate the arrival of Spring! One of the...
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Boat Life

‘Sorry, did you just say you live on a boat?’ This is most common response to the grand unveiling of my place of residence. It can be said with varying degrees of inflection: from delight, through admiration and jealousy to outright disbelief....
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Our Back Garden: The View We Overlook

After a begrudging absence from the Snowdon hike my friends made last year, it seemed I had subconsciously added it to a List Of Things I Would Like To Do. Alongside The Pocket Pirate, I work as a dresser backstage – the flurry of activity during...
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Arwen the Ready Gets Sick

A very special friend of mine has recently been really ill in hospital. As a fellow pirate, I knew how frustrated she would be by being out of action and cooped up inside. I imagined her causing havoc around the hospital trying desperately to stem her...
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