The Pocket Pirate Goes to the Big City


Islington Contemporary Art & Design Fair

Islington Contemporary Art & Design Fair

I was recently invited by the curator to take part in the ICADF at Candid Arts Gallery in London. Having never exhibited in London, I took it as an opportunity to break new ground.

Negotiating the tube with my giant suitcase of stock was no mean feat, but once I was all set up I met several other talented designer-makers. My stand was next to Rose B. Brown selling her own handmade knitted accessories in a beautiful grey pallet with pops of colour. All of her items are made using Scottish lambs wool.

Having the Islington Fair was a great opportunity to try out an idea I had for my display at Made By Hand in a couple of weeks. I strung fishing line across empty picture frames as a way of highlighting some of my clutches and purses and making them more visible from a distance. I was really pleased with the way they turned out.


Although I normally only make wallets as commissions, I have been working on a selection to my own specification to sell at fairs. Islington was their first showcase.


I have several friends who I studied with at University who now live and work in London, so it was also a great chance to catch up & for them to see what I have been up to. ¬†As I was mainly busy at the exhibition I didn’t get to do a lot of sightseeing, but my lucky friend has a flat that overlooks the Cutty Sark. We had a lovely walk along the river after the show had closed for the day.


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