Cutout Laptop Case

Cutout Laptop Case

To keep her new laptop safe from bumps and scratches, my latest customer wanted a case that was both beautiful and functional. She gave me completely free reign with the design, which is always lovely! Having selected a leather that was suitably thick enough for the job, I chose this opulent material swatch for the lining. To add interest to the exterior of the case, I decided to use another length of the lining fabric and cut out the leather to compliment and highlight some of the patterns.


Once I had decided on the fabric, I spent some time choosing the most appropriate section of pattern for the accent on the outside. It was quite dependent on the size of the case itself.


Using the patterns on the lining fabric, I spent some time drafting paper stencils to decide on the shapes of the cutout windows in the leather. I wanted them to accent the floral design inside.


Each of the paper template sections were cut out very precisely using a scalpel. This gives a really clean, sharp edge to the cutout sections of leather.


Once I had finished cutting out the leather windows, the patterned fabric could be glued to the edges of the voids before being sewn in place. This stops the fabric shifting whilst it is being sewn.


Once all cutout sections had been sewn in place, I could line the leather with a thin layer of foam. This would protect the laptop from any bumps or knocks as well as looking lovely!


After carefully glueing the foam layer to the leather, the zip and lining could be sewn along its edges, creating the finished case.

And here’s the final result…


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January 2015