Damask Messenger Bag

Damask Messenger Bag

This is a bag I have been wanting to make for some time. The remnant fabric piece was a lot larger than I’m used to working with, giving me a lot more scope for its use. The damask pattern and colours was so distinctive I wanted to highlight it in some way through the leather details of the bag.

I spent a good amount of time planning out the shape of the cut leather for the flap of the bag. It was important that it complimented the pattern of the fabric without being too fussy.


I find each individual aspect of the making process adds to the character of the finished item. I enjoy adding subtle details to my pieces; instead of using the same colour thread as the leather for the bold line of stitching, I used the red to echo the fabric. The unusual fabric colours combined with the green-grey leather meant finding a belt that worked for the strap was a challenge, but I think this rusty red was worth waiting for. I wanted to incorporate the cutout shape from the main body of the bag into the strap, so used a section of the original template to bevel the corners before attaching it to the belt.



I also reused the original template to create a pocket on the interior face with an echoed shape. The pop of colour adds a nice surprise on opening the bag, whilst also providing a functional addition to the bag.


Project Details:

Alys Wall


October 2014


Bespoke , handbags