I had been considering ideas for a handbag collection, and subsequently these ideas had been stewing away in the back of my mind for some time. I eventually developed a series of 4 ‘shapes’ to work with, which would still allow each bag to develop differently according to my leather and fabric choices.

bag templates

Because of the variation in leather and reclaimed fabric, each bag evolves into an entirely unique piece; it is almost like a collaboration between myself and the materials. Both of us offer our own input and the bag gradually takes on a personality of its own.


I am always keen to reuse pre-loved items, like vintage buttons and 2nd hand belts; they add a certain history and individuality to each piece. I do good deal of rummaging in charity shops for good quality leather belts, which make excellent bag straps. A couple of the bags have to wait a while to be completed, but it is always so satisfying when the perfect belt finally turns up!





Project Details:

October 2015



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