Handy Kindle Case

Handy Kindle Case

My latest bespoke piece was a kindle case. The customer wanted her kindle to be safe from knocks & scratches whilst she carried it with her. She also wanted to be able to use the kindle without having to take it out of its case. From this specification evolved a new style of kindle case for me, incorporating a hand strap and pocket for the kindle inside that had a removable screen protector for when it wasn’t in use. The case itself is also lined in a thin but quite dense foam to protect the kindle in transit.


Once I had decided on how to crop the fabric sample to make best use of the beautiful pattern, I was able to use one of the offcuts to make the strap.


The hand strap needed to be comfortable but also fit inside the case when closed. I made this paper mock-up to check the size and shape.


I was spoilt for choice by the selection of Czech glass buttons. I eventually decided on the one with gold highlight, as picked up the gold stitching on the fabric itself.


Once I was happy with the mockup, I was able to cut out the leather version. I double sided both the handle and the kindle pocket for extra durability and to help them maintain their shape.


Sewing everything in the right order is really important with a project like this! Sewing the pocket and handle to the inside leather first avoids any unnecessary stitching being visible.


Once all the internal sewing had been done, I could sandwich the foam in the centre and attach the 2 sides together. Folding the leather over the edges of the fabric makes the finish really durable as well as looking lovely!

And here’s the final result…

  • rachel-kindle-button
  • rachel-kindle-back
  • oriental-blossom-kindle-exterior
  • interior-screen-protector
  • rachel-kindle-interior

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Alys Wall




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