Peacock Phone Wallet

with internal card slots

Peacock Phone Wallet

This commission arose from the customer needing a case for her bare essentials when going out for the evening – she was tired of lugging around her everyday bag & wallet when all she really needed to take with her was her cards and phone.



I found a button amongst my endless collection that matched the shade of green from the fabric embroidery perfectly, with a tiny bit of matching floral detail. The style of the phone (Samsung Galaxy SII) meant designing a case that still allowed access to the buttons & screen but kept it safe proved a bit tricky. It involved lots of meticulous measuring and care cutting out!

This beautiful piece of material was part of a swatch kindly donated to me. I decided it would be really effective to highlight the subtle blue from the centre of the feather with the stitching thread. I was a bit dubious at first (as doing this is very unforgiving to even slight sewing machine wobbles!) but am glad I took the plunge as I think it really ties the whole thing together.

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Project Details:

Alys Wall




April 2013