Red iPad Shoulder Bag

Red iPad Shoulder Bag

This commission was a gift for a milestone birthday. Designed to carry an iPad in the main body of the bag, the front pocket was to allow extra necessary items such as keys, phone and wallet to be accommodated as well.

The shape of the leather offcut had a large amount of influence over the style and shape of the flap; my customer was keen to retain the raw edges of the leather to add character to the bag. To pick up on the colour of the fabric lining, I chose to line the inside of the facing flap and that of the front pocket with soft glove leather in maroon.


Given that there was so little room for maneuver with the size of the leather offcut, I was so lucky to find this perfect leather belt in a charity shop that was a brilliant colour match. I cut down the length of the belt to give me extra length but also so the width of the strap was in-keeping proportionally with the bag itself. To join the strap to the bag, I attached 2 d-rings to the back section before I sewed the whole thing together. It was much easier to do it in this order than try to attach the d-rings after everything was constructed.

To make a greater feature of the large button, I decided to make the fastening using a leather loop attaching to the front flap. I attached a pop-out ribbon inside to enable easy access to the iPad – by pulling on the tab at the mouth of the bag, the iPad simply slides out a couple of centimetres and can be easily removed.



Project Details:



February 2015


Bespoke , Clutch Bags