Tweed Wallet

a distinguished gentleman's accessory

Tweed Wallet

The commissioner of this wallet loved my approach to making, with my reclamation of pre-loved materials and making them into something new. He specified tweed as the main material, and had quite a distinctive idea in his mind’s eye about the type and colour that he would like. After raiding many charity shops the perfect specimen finally appeared, in the form of a tweed jacket.


The client was keen to have lots of mismatched wooden & bone buttons to tie in with the associations of the tweed fabric, but I was conscious he also didn’t want to have to undo 5 buttons to get into his wallet… The solution we arrived at we to have one larger functional button, with the others being purely decorative. I folded the interior leather up over the edges to make durable finish.


The wallet caters for change in the zipped tweed pocket and cash slots in neatly behind the card slots. These were moulded when wet and allowed to dry, to ensure the slots were exactly the right size for cards.



When viewed up close you can really see all the lovely colours that make up the weave in the tweed fabric.


Project Details:

Alys Wall




March 2012


Bespoke , Wallets