Two-Tone Clutch Bags

Two-Tone Clutch Bags

The striking pattern of this Art Nouveau -esque fabric swatchbook made me want to pattern match! Having so many beautiful colourways of the fabric that worked well together was a real luxury, so it was a treat to be able to use the material in this way. I spend many an hour deliberating over this combination or that one, and as is often the way with my work the final decisions were influenced in part by my button choices. This stage of the process is really one of my favourites – spending the time working out which combination will be the one!

largeclutch2tonesquarebuttons largeclutch2tonesalmonbuttons largeclutch2tonepinkbuttons

largeclutch2tonepetrolbuttons largeclutch2tonemetalbuttons largeclutch2tonelimebuttons

largeclutch2toneleafbuttons largeclutch2tonecreambuttons largeclutch2tonebluebuttons

Project Details:

Alys Wall


September 2016


Clutch Bags