RHS Cardiff 2015

RHS Cardiff 2015

The RHS Flower Show in Cardiff has become a yearly outing for our family. It appears in the centre of Bute Park and attracts more and more green-fingered visitors every year – a perfect opportunity to celebrate the arrival of Spring!




The show isn’t just about impressive blooms – this display of fruit and vegetables proved just how beautiful they can be! (I had to exercise a lot of restraint not to sneak one of the carrots to nibble on…) The construction of these broccoli never cease to amaze me.



The resplendent centrepiece of outdoor sculpture came in the form of this glorious dragon, made by Dorset & Forge Fabrication out of accumulated pieces of salvage metal. He was impressive from afar, but up close it was incredible to see all his component parts and how much thought had gone into their placement.


One of the main things boat life has left me yearning for is a green outside space. Combining my love of gardening and cooking, this versatile outdoor kitchen (complete with pizza oven) is now firmly on The List…


My favourite garden though, was this clever habitat garden. Such thought had gone into its composition and construction, carefully combining human spaces with wildlife spaces – the wall particularly is both functional and beautiful. It really is a habitat in which we can all co-exist.


We always save the wheelbarrow competition until last. After much deliberation (there were lots of brilliant entries this year on the theme of animal and insect habitat) my vote was stolen by Radyr Primary School, featured in the cover photo. Can I please live in the tiny tree house?

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