Pocket Emergency Kit


Pocket Emergency Kit with illustrated contents card.

After being given a version of this by my best friend who had in turn been given one by her grandmother, I knew it was something that needed to continue to be passed on and shared with others. Containing my own additions and alterations, this version makes a perfect heartfelt gift for a friend or loved one.

Each box contains:

  • A rubber for a fresh start
  • A handkerchief to dry any tears
  • A lucky penny, so that you are never broke
  • 3 marbles, incase you lose yours
  • Elastic to allow yourself to stretch to the limit
  • A harmonica, to whistle to your own tune
  • String to tie it all together if things start to fall apart
  • And a flower, to remind you that someone loves you

Each box comes packaged with an illustrated contents label, which is reproduced inside the lid of the box itself. All artworks are taken from original illustrations by The Pocket Pirate. Each box is assembled by hand, containing a hand-folded origami waterlily.

(please not the 9 panelled display case is for the clear illustration of contents only – each Pocket Emergency Kit comes packed in an individual bookplate-topped box)

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  1. Nadia


    These are SO lovely…. bought one as a pressie, and loved it so much I was sad to part with it…. luckily I gave it to someone that means it’s never too far away… 🙂 x

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