Snapped Up Market: ROBOTS

Snapped Up Market: ROBOTS

It’s that time again…Snapped Up Market! The next edition of our artisan market at Printhaus Workshops¬†will be on Sunday 29th March – this time the theme (to Tom’s delight) is Robots. After my busy spell at the theatre over Christmas, I have joined many other studio holders from Printhaus in becoming part of the Snapped Up Committee to help with organisation. My task this time round was to design the poster…

I don’t set aside enough time aside lately to dedicate to my drawing, so it was lovely to have such a brilliant excuse to do so. A process I have enjoyed before involved drawing onto acetate with Posca pens, then scratching back into the ink to add detail. I decided that I wanted to use this method as a starting point for the poster.



Once I had scanned in the finished acetate, I was able to use Photoshop to assemble the background layers. I like to remain as connected as I can with tangible materials, so I wanted to use real textures for each section. The robot himself is a scan of a chestnut leather offcut – I love the way the texture of the leather makes him look rusty! The green moss and leaves were also created using a piece of textured leather.

I never throw lovely pieces of paper away, & the bulging box on my studio shelf is testament to that…The date and contact info backgrounds came from a scrap in that box that has a really high fabric content in the paper fibre. Finally, the gradient background for the whole poster is the piece of baking paper that I use to protect my leather labels from the iron! I love the way the heat has created the subtle colour change over the area I have used most.


Come and join us between 11 and 6 on 29th March! You can keep up to date with Snapped Up related fun on our Facebook Page.

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